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Dreaming of Spring

Pink gertrude jekyll rose.  Dreaming of spring

White spring blossoms against a blue sky

Close-up of a pink and purple cleome.  Also known as spider flower.

It’s snowing today. Like most of the the eastern part of the country we have been having record cold temperatures. Sitting here today, it’s practically unbelievable that the days warmed up to 40 degrees just two weeks ago.  Tuesday night is supposed to see wind chills around -30.

These are flowers from my garden last season.  As beautiful as the snow is, I miss having my hands in the dirt.  I know, however, that all of this snow is very necessary for a lush garden in the spring.  This snow is what will water my garden and tell those little plants and bulbs to send up their new shoots.

While I wait, I’ll just have to grab a blanket, a cup of something hot, and another good book.  And while I sorely miss gardening, reading may just be my very favorite thing to do.  I guess waiting for spring isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Anne Bradstreet Poetry about Winter and Spring

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