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Cabin Fever Blues

We came across this wild rhododendron in the woods at Lover's Leap, Virginia
Click on any of the photos to see them at full size.

Pine tree with pine cones in Gatlinburg, TN

Lichen and moss on a tree trunk at Lover's Leap, Virginia

I love how these pictures are so very green.  It’s the last week of January and I have the cabin fever blues. Winter can sometimes feel a little claustrophobic.

I find myself counting down the days until the end of winter.

January. Only two more days of January.

February.  February is a short month.

March.  I can convince myself that a northeast Ohio March is more spring than winter.

Spring? I’m almost there!!

Here are a few things I do when I find myself feeling this way:

Tips to beat the winter blues. Beauty Observed

1. I give myself a break.  I tend to forget that I spent November and December at break-neck speed creating the perfect holidays for my family.   Baking, decorating, entertaining, shopping, wrapping.  Whew!  That takes a toll on my body and I think January is my body and mind’s way of resting and refueling.

2. I check my quiet times.  Am I spending quality time with God?  Am I casting all of my cares and worries at His feet so I don’t need to be carrying them?  I’m currently trying to memorize some scripture.  This is both stimulating for my spirit and my mind.

3. I look into my nutrition.  Am I eating good, wholesome food or carbing it up a little too much?  I also check my vitamins and supplements.  Vitamin D is supposed to be good for people who don’t get enough exposure to sunlight.

4. I ask myself if I’m avoiding anything.  It could be something really simple or it could be a really big project.  Have you read the book Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy?  The basic idea is that one should do their hardest thing first.  This frees up the mind to focus on other things.

5. I dream of spring.  My new blog friend, Marie, posted a picture on twitter of the seed catalogs she was looking through.  (I will not covet other blogger’s chickens.) This is a great time to start planning for those warmer, sunnier months.  Also, as a home educator for many years, I find this the perfect time to plan next year’s curriculum.  (Don’t think me hyper-organized.  I’m usually just bored with whatever curriculum I purchased THIS year.  lol

6. I call a friend for coffee.  Getting out of the house and doing something fun can sometimes be just the thing I need!  And, you know, coffee.

Do you have any things that you do to fight the winter blues?  Please leave a comment.

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