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Positive Meme Monday #10

soft-white-wildflowersElizabeth is visiting with our oldest daughter in D.C. for a few days. She has left me in charge of the blog while she is away. Today is Monday, and that means “Positive Meme Monday!” 

I’m featuring a few shots that have a “summer dreaming” quality to them along with three memes that feature literary quotes.

Elizabeth loves literature. One of the beautiful things we often share with each other is a well-written phrase. It’s a regular occurrence that we will be reading in the same room and one of us will say, “Hey, listen to this.” And then we will read to the other the passage that made us smile, or sigh, or wonder.

The memes today are featuring just the sort of paragraphs that we would stop and read aloud to each other. They also all have something to do with summer.





I hope all of the Beauty Observed readers are building one of these never-to-be-forgotten summers. Some of you are apart from loved ones because of work or military service. I hope, as does Elizabeth, that you can be reunited soon. Others of you are wrestling with heavy things in your spiritual lives. Still others are reading a post like this and wondering how you could possibly manage a moment to slow down and contemplate a good book. Trust us – we get it. We all find ourselves in difficult seasons from time to time.

So, I end with a sincere prayer that God’s peace will break through upon all of us this summer. I pray that He will teach us to rest and reflect. And I pray that each of us can enjoy the “Prime and vigor of the year in which all things are glad and flourishing.” 

Come home to me soon, Elizabeth! I miss you.

p.s. Natasha in Oz, I know you are on the other side of the world, and therefore not in the summer season. The answer to this prayer should reach you in about six months! 🙂



Monday Blog Tour

Lady statue beauty observed

*Meme Monday will be back next week.

Lisa from Four Simply Living invited me to be part of a blog tour.  How fun is that?  You can read her blog tour post here.  Lisa’s photography challenges, educates, and inspires me.  She hosts a link-up each Wednesday called Life Through the Lens.  I am grateful that she links up here at Beauty Observed for Whatever is Lovely on Fridays.

Raindrops on pink forget-me-nots

1. What am I working on?

I’m currently planning a Christmas note card series.  I’m also working on a variety of planner pages to be released around August.  All of these will join the other items in our Etsy shop(We are currently running a 20% discount for Father’s Day.  😉  Enter code DAD20 at checkout.)

white columbine beauty obsesrved

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’m a fairly new blogger and I’m still learning and defining my “voice.”  I have noticed that most of my photos are macro shots.  There’s just something about getting in there and showcasing all of the detail and creativity that God has put into His work.

Rain drops on lambs ear macro from beauty observed

I think something that makes my blog a little different is that my husband, Ed, contributes by writing posts, editing photos, and creating memes. He is such a wonderful and creative blog partner!

Yellow bloom on thorn bush from beauty observed

3. Why do I create what I do?

I get so excited about light and detail and I want to share it with others.  I hope it will cause others to slow down and try to find beauty in their own lives!

Macro dandelion fluff

4. How does your creating process work?

Before blogging, my photography just occurred when the mood struck.  Now, I’m more purposeful about taking my camera everywhere.  I spend a lot of my time in my garden.  It’s impossible to not see beauty with all of those flowers!

raindrops on blue forget-me-nots

I invited June from Inspired by June to join the blog tour.  June is passionate about inspiring others through the written word. She lives, loves and cares for her family in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  I enjoy visiting her blog because we both use the Canon Powershot SX50.  You should see the beautiful birds she captures with her camera!  Visit June on Monday, June 16 to find out how she answers the same set of questions.

Macro pink peony with deep pink stripes from beauty observed

Have a beautiful day!

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