Fall Chalkboard Art in Three Easy Steps

One of the ways that I like to beautify my home for the holidays is with chalkboard art.  I have found that it is really fun and pretty easy!  It’s also fairly inexpensive.  I think I spent about $6 for supplies that can be used many times.   Here are a few ideas for fall.


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The first thing I do is clean my boards (I have several) with a damp paper towel.

While the chalkboard is drying, I complete the second step, which is to search pinterest.  I think I use it more than google!  This time, I just put “Autumn Chalkboard Art” into the search box.  Easy Peasy!  The hardest part is narrowing down the saying that I will use on the chalkboard.

Some of my top contenders were:
Autumn-the year’s last loveliest smile.
Happy Fall, Y’All
Happy Pumpkin Spice Season

After I found the saying that I wanted to use, I got out my handy dandy chalkboard pen and went to work on step number three, which is to create and have fun!  (I keep dreaming of upgrading to a set of color chalk markers.  How fun would that be!??)

Chalk is such a forgiving medium because all you need to correct a mistake is a damp paper towel!  Make sure you let the area dry thoroughly before beginning again.

I’m sure this will get your creative juices flowing and you will be able to think of many places where you can place your art. This little chalkboard lives on my dining room windowsill.


As you can see, it’s far from perfect, but it makes me smile and that’s all that really matters, right?

I hope you enjoy creating your own chalkboard art!

Have a beautiful day!

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