What I’m Reading in November

Happy November!  I’ve listed what I’m reading in November below.  Yes, you do indeed see Of Plymouth Plantation in that pile again.  😉  It’s taking me longer then I anticipated!


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Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford–I started this book several months ago.  Reading it in November is rather appropriate.  I keep reading parts of it aloud to Ed.  We can’t believe what we didn’t know about America’s Thanksgiving!

The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau-This book about liberty is on my son’s Omnibus III reading list for school.  I’m trying to stay ahead of him.

Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift-Amazon says that this book by Swift is “a witty parody of political life in Swift’s time and a scathing send-up of manners and morals in 18th-century England.”  I remember watching the Mickey Mouse cartoon when I was little.  I think I’m in for a surprise, don’t you?

The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson-Our small group will finish up a book on prayer in a few days.  I’ve added this book on prayer that Ed purchased for me several months ago.  I keep moving it around my office, so I think it’s time to read it and find it a home on the table next to me for the next month.


I’m also very excited because I just started Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom.  It’s very good.  My friend, Dawn from Reveal Natural Health, and I are going through the book together.  It’s making me dig in and really think about things instead of just skimming through.  I also really enjoy seeing Dawn’s responses to the various questions in the book.  I appreciate her input so much!


What are you reading in November?  Are you part of a book club?  Have you ever corresponded via e-mail with a friend about a book?  Comment below and let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a beautiful day!



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6 thoughts on “What I’m Reading in November

  1. Jill Foley

    I’ve dubbed November as my reading month because I’ve fallen so far behind this year. So far I’ve read “Just Show Up” by Kara Tippets and Die Empty by Todd Henry. I’m currently working on Trim Healthy Mama, Crime and Punishment and The Butterfly and the Violin….with several more in my queue.

  2. Dawn

    Aww! I am so glad we are working through Money-Making Mom together too! It is so easy to gloss over things when you read by yourself. Reading with someone else definitely helps create accountibility, which is so helpful when making changes is required.

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      I can’t wait to read the next two chapters and finish my assignments 😉 I’m sorry I am so far behind. Seems to be the story of my month! lol

      Happy Thanksgiving Week!

  3. June

    I’ve been reading The Right to Write by Julia Cameron, and enjoying it very much. It’s the first book about writing that I’ve read that I actually relate to. I also just picked up a couple Jan Karon books, beyond the MItford series. Looking forward to reading them. . . I always like to hear what others are reading – thanks for posting this Elizabeth! Have a blessed weekend!

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      I love the Mitford series, but am behind in it. Those might make some nice Christmas reading!

      I’ll have to look into the writing book. It’s definitely a skill that I need to improve!

      Thanks for commenting, June! Happy Thanksgiving!


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