Beauty Observed in Beautiful Words

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photo credit: Ed Nicholson

But what is it that I love in loving Thee?
Not physical beauty, nor the splendor of time, nor the radiance of the light —
so pleasant to our eyes —
nor the sweet melodies of the various kinds of songs,
nor the fragrant smell of flowers and ointments and spices;
not manna and honey, not the limbs embraced in physical love —
it is not these I love when I love my God.
Yet it is true that I love a certain kind
of light and sound and fragrance and food and embrace
in loving my God,
who is the Light and Sound and
Fragrance and Food and Embracement of my inner man —
where that Light shines into my soul which no place can contain,
where time does not snatch away the lovely Sound,
where no breeze disperses the sweet Fragrance,
where no eating diminishes the Food there provided,
and where there is an Embrace that no satiety comes to sunder.

Confessions, Book 10, Chapt. 6


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