The Beauty of Breaking Through

shoots-breaking-leavesEvery spring I anticipate the daffodils coming up.  I am like a kid at Christmas time!  I’m out there checking #BulbArrival as many times as I can starting around Valentine’s Day.  Now, I’ve lived in northeast Ohio for my whole life except for four years that Ed and I lived in Nashville.  I know that no matter what the groundhog says or how much I want it, we aren’t going to have daffodil blooms until April.  I don’t think we’ll have daffodils for Easter this year but I could be wrong.  Wouldn’t that be nice!

shoots-in-snowThere’s one thing in all this bulb watching that really, really fascinates me.  That is how the bulbs push up and break through the leaves that I covered them with last fall.  The leaves don’t smother them.  The bulbs don’t lift the leaves and move them aside.  No, the shoot pushes and breaks through the leaf.   And every year, I am utterly fascinated by this.

shoots-in-snow-leavesI’m wondering what spiritual correlations I can make from this yearly event.  The green shoots could represent God’s love and how it reaches through and breaks up the sin and death that tries to smoother us.  It could represent the hope for eternal life that breaks through the life of the carnal man.

What do you think?  What spiritual lesson do you see in these daffodil bulbs and last year’s dead leaves?

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17 thoughts on “The Beauty of Breaking Through

  1. Barbie

    This is so good. I see the correlation of me breaking through fear and unbelief into confidence and trust in the One who made me and knows what lies ahead. Love you friend!

  2. Beth (@SimplyBeth3)

    Love this. Your photos are simply stunning, Elizabeth. And I love your reflection of breaking through and Barbie’s too. I think of how He helps us to break through that which keeps us from fully seeing His love for us… such as an addition. Made me think of mine and the beauty of breaking through all that garbage that has taken root in my mind for too long. Thank you for this beautiful picture. Love you.

  3. Nancherrow

    I have seen the Lord create growth through the moldy leaves of my soul countless times. What a wonderful God He is! And I’m so thankful that we get to see His handiwork in each season. Especially Spring!


  4. Maria @ The Good Life

    I am always fascinated with bulbs and how determined little plants they are. I always remember when I moved into my house in NC I was told that my bulbs for dahlias would not grow in my yard because of the hard compacted soil I had. So instead of taking it out (I was too lazy) I continued mulching that area. And guess what? next growing season they came up through all the compacted clay and mulch that was in the ground. And the great lesson I think is that life will give us obstacles in life that seem like they will stunt our growth and success but personally if we put our faith in Him, eventually we will breakthrough whatever season we are in and in the process we would have also grown spiritually. As you can tell, I loved this post!

  5. Kim Cunningham

    Daffodils are pretty amazing in terms of being able to push up through snow and leaves. We got ours this week. I do have some early miniature ones that bloom in March, but the big ones come early April. Hope you get yours soon. Thank you for linking with Little Things Thursday!

  6. Lisa @ FSL

    I was just telling my kids we really need to plant daffodils at our new house. I love them too… you’ll have me thinking on this one, the spiritual correlation.

  7. Sharita

    Love this analogy, Elizabeth… Seeing those first little buds each spring give me SUCH hope. Thanks (and so appreciate your participation in #EverydayJesus)

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