A Walk To The Park

Electric insulators. High power lines. Beauty Observed.

Overhead Door Lock. Garage door overhead. Beauty Observed.

Wrought iron fence Beautyobserved

Slate roof with ice guards. Beauty Observed

Blue Sky and Power Lines BeautyObserved

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Stone pineapple victorian symbol of hospitality. Beauty Observed.

Today was one of those rare northeast Ohio January days when the sun is shining and it warms up just enough that one can go for a walk.  The snow and ice had melted and the sidewalks were clear.  Squirrels were digging long lost acorns in many of the yards.  I practically skipped to the park. The sky was a gorgeous blue and the sun was making everything throw beautiful shadows everywhere.

While these photos don’t show beauty that God specifically created, they do show aspects that reflect Him.  Symmetry and texture. Communication and relationship. Light and revelation. Shadow and mystery.  Man is created in God’s image and so, man creates.

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10 thoughts on “A Walk To The Park

    1. BeautyObserved Post author

      Yes – I try to see beauty everywhere. I think I see it more now that I have a nicer camera. lol. Always looking for photo ops. I love the photos on your site, too. Great “moods” in them.

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