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What I Learned in April

What I Learned in April from Beauty Observed

Since my goals for March featured photos of my winter viburnum buds,  I thought it would be fun to show you what the viburnum is doing at the end of April.  It is showing so much growth.  I’m feeling very read-symbolism-into-everything right now.  So, I will say that I felt very dry and closed-up in March and I am starting to feel like I’m right around the corner from some spiritual growth and blossoming.  How’s that for positive and optimistic?  So here are some things that I learned in April.

1 Viburnum buds in spring from Beauty Observed

1) I need a detailed schedule and filled-out planner pages.  We are a pretty laid back family with a few artsy personalities among us.   As much as I’d like to fly by the seat of my pants, I find I accomplish so much more when I have a plan for my day.  I also like to be able to cross things off my list.  Pretty pens help!

2) Because I put it in my schedule (see #1 above) my house is a lot bit more organized as we go into May than it was when we headed into March and April.

3) I’m still learning my way around Instagram.  It’s a really fun community.

4) I spent a bit more time reading my Bible this last month.  Hmmmm.  More time in the Word.  Feeling like there’s some spiritual growth.  How “coincidental?”

5) And lastly, when I schedule reading time into my planner, I read more.

2 Viburnum buds in spring from Beauty Observed

My goals for May:

  1. Put more things in my planner.
  2. Overhaul my planner with my own planner dividers and pages.
  3. Clean out the garage.
  4. Clean out the basement.
  5. GARDEN!!!

3 Viburnum buds in spring from Beauty Observed

What about you?  What did you learn in April?  Any goals for May?


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