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The Beauty of Breaking Through

shoots-breaking-leavesEvery spring I anticipate the daffodils coming up.  I am like a kid at Christmas time!  I’m out there checking #BulbArrival as many times as I can starting around Valentine’s Day.  Now, I’ve lived in northeast Ohio for my whole life except for four years that Ed and I lived in Nashville.  I know that no matter what the groundhog says or how much I want it, we aren’t going to have daffodil blooms until April.  I don’t think we’ll have daffodils for Easter this year but I could be wrong.  Wouldn’t that be nice!

shoots-in-snowThere’s one thing in all this bulb watching that really, really fascinates me.  That is how the bulbs push up and break through the leaves that I covered them with last fall.  The leaves don’t smother them.  The bulbs don’t lift the leaves and move them aside.  No, the shoot pushes and breaks through the leaf.   And every year, I am utterly fascinated by this.

shoots-in-snow-leavesI’m wondering what spiritual correlations I can make from this yearly event.  The green shoots could represent God’s love and how it reaches through and breaks up the sin and death that tries to smoother us.  It could represent the hope for eternal life that breaks through the life of the carnal man.

What do you think?  What spiritual lesson do you see in these daffodil bulbs and last year’s dead leaves?

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How To Hijack Your Wife’s Blog

Raindrops on branches in springtime. Beauty Observed

Water droplets on broad grass leaves. Beauty Observed

Water on tree bud. Beauty Observed

  Hello everyone. Eddie here. It’s 4:30am on Thursday and Elizabeth is fast asleep, worn out from another day of teaching the kids, taking care of me, housework, networking and blogging, etc., etc. Just before she turned in for the night she told me that she had taken a few pictures of raindrops, but that none of them turned out very well.” I told her I’d download them to the computer and take a look at them. The three pictures above are from that batch.

When Elizabeth launched Beauty Observed, she was, as both of us often do, swinging back and forth between excitement and self-doubt. One day she’d be talking non-stop about a book on blogging that she’d been reading and the next day, she’d be asking me why anyone would want to see her pictures or read what she had to say. The insecurities would come knocking. The none of them turned out very well  would creep in.

But so many of you have been kind and taken the time to get to know Elizabeth a little bit. You have encouraged her by leaving comments on the blog, or by befriending her on all 312 of the social media sites she juggles! It has been good for her, and…

I want to personally THANK all of you!

Barbie, Brittany, Beth, Bren (ok, it’s a little weird that all of your names start with “B”, but I’ll move on) Dawn, Jill, Natasha, Lyli, Sharita, Lisa, Alison, Teri, Andrea, Rhonda… and all the rest of you “regulars” that I have missed – THANK YOU. I did look back at the comments to get your names, but I actually know most of your names because Elizabeth mentions you ALL a lot. You have made an impact on Elizabeth’s self esteem for the better, and I deeply appreciate that. You have given Elizabeth a wonderful gift by following Beauty Observed. You have given her the permission to look at her photography, and in some respects, her life, and say, Maybe they turned out pretty good after all.  I am committed to helping her return the favor by making this blog a place where that encouragement is shared back to her readers tenfold.

God bless you all, and good night. Eddie




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