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Beauty Observed on Instagram: 6/19/15

We’ve had so much rain this week.  I loved capturing all of the raindrops on my blooming flowers.

instagram-pink-snapdragonPink snapdragon


instagram-pink-roseGertrude Jekyll pink rosebud


instagram-peach-rose-evelynEvelyn peach rose


instagram-clematis-jackmaniiJackmanii clematis


instagram-green-caterpillar-evelyn-roseAnother shot of Evelyn.


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Have a beautiful day!

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How to Add More Beauty to Your Morning


Mornings can be hectic.

Everyone’s trying to wake up.  Breakfast needs to be eaten.  Some of the family might be trying to make their way out the door.  Even those who are staying at home likely have a to-do list a mile long.


Let’s talk about the beauty in this photo.

The morning sun shining through those petals?

The tiny bit of blue vase exploding with light?

Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by these beauties on their morning breakfast table?


Beautiful flowers.

Soft music.

Family prayer.

This is what graced our dining room last week.



Here are some tips to add more beauty to your mornings:

1) Set the tone by playing classical music or calm praise and worship music.  I have a Pandora station of Gungor music that I like to play to gently wake us up.

2) Add some fresh flowers to the table.  I generally do this the day before. Truthfully, who has time to run out in their pajamas and cut fresh flowers?  Even dandelions picked by small hands will add beauty.

3) Take a few moments to notice:   the beautiful faces that have gathered around your table or in your kitchen. The sun streaming through your windows or the raindrops gathering on the windowpane.  The peace in the routine.

4) If you are a praying family, gather for a quick prayer before everyone scatters for the day.

These suggestions are not made to cause guilt.  Most only take a few moments of intention to implement, even with a baby on the hip.  I hope they cause you to think about your mornings.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you add beauty to your mornings.

Thank you for visiting!  I hope you have a beautiful day!

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