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Five Beautiful Memes for Psalm 119:26-30

Five Beautiful Memes for Psalm 119:26-30

I’m really enjoying Psalm 119!  What about you?  Here are this week’s beautiful scripture memes for Psalm 119:26-30.  A gorgeous white peony tinged with pink is used for the background.  This peony is from my garden. When I told of my ways, you answered me; […]

Scripture Writing for Psalm 119:21-25

Scripture Writing for Psalm 119:21-25

This week, we used Psalm 119:21-25 for our scripture writing passages.  David paints such vivid pictures and evokes so many emotions with the words he chooses.   My prayer for the week: Lord, There are some hard words this week to describe some hard times […]

Five Beautiful Memes for Psalm 119:21-25

Five Beautiful Memes for Psalm 119:21-25

Five Beautiful Memes for Psalm 119:21-25. We are entering into the fifth week of scripture writing together.

You rebuke
the insolent,
accursed one,
who wander
from your
Psalm 119:21


Take away from me
scorn and contempt,
for I have kept
your testimonies.
Psalm 119:22

Even though
princes sit
plotting against me,
your servant
will mediate
on your statutes.
Psalm 119:23

Your testimonies
are my delight;
they are
my counselors.
Psalm 119:24

My soul clings
to the dust;
give me life
according to
your word!
Psalm 119:25

Each Monday, I will post five memes which will correspond with the the five verses that we will be using for our scripture writing for Monday-Friday.  I will be posting photos of my own scripture writing on the Beauty Observed instagram account.  Use the hashtag #beautyobservedscripturewriting or #BOscripturewriting so that we can all enjoy each other’s work!

You can learn more about scripture writing and how to download the free pdf here.

Many blessings on your week!

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