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If You Give a Gardener a Sunny Day

If You Give a Gardener a Sunny Day...

If you give a Northeast Ohio gardener a sunny day in March,
She’s going to want to put on her sloggers and go check her bulbs in the back yard.

And while she’s checking her bulbs in the back yard,
She’ll notice the dried out sweet pea vine that she never took down in the fall.

She’ll go to the garage and get her trash can, scissors, and gardening gloves.
She won’t care that it’s 32 degrees out.

While she’s pulling down the sweet pea vine,
She’ll see that she needs to cut back the dead peonies.

As she’s cutting back the dead peonies,
She’ll remember the garden hooks that were frozen into the ground just a week earlier.

After removing the gardening hooks, she’ll return them to the garage.
In the garage, she’ll see the bird seed!

She’ll take the bird seed and fill the bird feeders,
All the while, filling her lungs with the earthy smell of Spring.

After she puts away the birdseed and shuts the garage door,
She’ll smile and realize that today was just what needed.

And that night, she’ll be really glad she did because she’ll see it’s begun to snow.
In the morning, those beautiful bulb shoots will be buried again.

Shoveling snow

These events happened the last week of March!

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