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The Four Gardening Tools I Can’t Be Without

The four gardening tools I can't be without.  BeautyObserved

I am the granddaughter of two sets of farmers.  Oh, the lovely vegetables that their gardens used to produce.  I’ve never tasted raw green beans or asparagus like that!  While I would love to tell you that I also produce bushels of luscious vegetables, I do not seem to have inherited the vegetable gene.  I am a flower gardener.  My family has plenty of beautiful flowers to fill their eyes and hearts with.  Over the years, I’ve found four gardening tools I can’t be without.

You won’t find the normal shovels, hand trowels, and rakes on this list because most homes already own them.  No, these are the smaller tools of the trade.  My personal favorites that have stood the test of time and have been purchased again and again as they’ve worn out from all of the use I put them through.

Here are my four gardening tools that I can’t be without:

1) Garden Scissors

The four gardening tools I can't be without.  BeautyObserved Fiskers garden scissors

I have a few pair of pruning shears.   Many times they are too big or awkward for the smaller jobs I need to do in my garden.  These gardening scissors by Fiskers are just the thing.   Last summer, I thought I had accidentally thrown them away and I went out as soon as I could and purchased another pair.  I didn’t even look at other brands or models because I knew I liked this style.  Of course, the original pair showed up and now I have two pairs.  Lucky girl am I!


2) Twine

The four gardening tools I can't be without.  BeautyObserved Twine
Twine is fantastic for tying up all manner of plants.  You can also use it to bundle up branches and other debris.  I like this particular type because it is natural and breaks down if I don’t remember to throw it away at the end of the season.  Old leftover twine can also be used by birds as nesting material.


3) Leather Palmed Gloves

The four gardening tools I can't be without.  BeautyObserved leather gloves

Please forgive how scary my gloves look, but they’ve seen a lot of work in the past few years.  Upon inspection, I think I might need to replace them and I’m looking at this pair. Spending money on leather gloves might seem unnecessary.  That is until a rose thorn runs right through your cloth glove and stabs you or a sharp stick decides to wedge itself under your fingernail.  I have about 30 rose bushes in my garden and believe me, leather gloves are worth their weight in gold.


4) Sloggers

The four gardening tools I can't be without.  BeautyObserved Sloggers

When it comes to shoes, I’m pretty practical. Growing up, I had a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of dress shoes, and a pair of snow boots. That was it. These habits have carried over into my adult life. The thought of gardening shoes seemed very frivolous to me. But then I got tired of gardening in the wet spring or after it rained and having mud and water seep into my tennis shoes. And I got tired of the the mud that would cake and dry and get tracked all over my house. So, I decided to invest in some gardening shoes and I love them! They have a permanent spot in my budget.

These Sloggers are my second pair of gardening shoes and I’ve had them for a few years. My first pair of shoes was from another company and they cracked and fell apart after only one and a half seasons. Part of what makes these so nice is that they are lined with fabric.  Sloggers are incredibly comfortable and I’ve been known to run an errand or two in them. Some might not find them the height of fashion, but I find them fun and quirky. My feet stay dry and I don’t have to worry about ruining a pair of regular shoes in the mud.

So, there you have it.  The four gardening tools I can’t be without.

Tell me, do you garden?  What are your favorite “tools” of the trade?




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