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Connect with www.beautyobserved.com for beautiful photgraphy and inspirational memes.

I love to connect with people that are like-minded in sharing and enjoying the Beauty of God.  Like the spokes of the old wagon wheel against my garage – the internet can reach across the world to link us up as we share His gifts. It’s a great time in history to be alive. Below are the links to my social media outlets. Connect with BeautyObserved.com today!

Email Newsletter
My Newsletter contains highlights, special offers, and unique content – all sent right to your inbox. This is by far the best way to stay connected with Beauty Observed. Just enter your email below and hit send. I will keep your email confidential and you may opt out at any time.


Maybe the most popular social interaction site around. I often post memes here for sharing and sometimes, my followers get an exclusive “Facebook only” photo album. Users are welcome to make suggestions for, or comments on, my portfolio here. I also like hearing of and seeing the beautiful pictures that others have captured.

Twitter has always seemed to me like Facebook for people with really short attention spans. I Tweet daily, and I am always on the lookout for an interesting, beautiful or encouraging “re-tweet.”

Ahhh… Pinterest is just my pace. Relaxed browsing of millions of photos, recipe links, positive quotes… I love hanging out on Pinterest. Following Beauty Observed on Pinterest is a great way to see and share my photos and pins. Don’t forget to share your favorites with me, too.

Experienced readers know that blog feed sites make following blogs a snap. With Bloglovin’ you can organize the blogs you follow in an easy-to-use reader.

Like Bloglovin’, Feedly is another reader service that feeds the content of Beauty Observed to a a central, well-organized reader, along with whatever other blogs you enjoy following.

RSS Feed
This is the “basic” feed of Beauty Observed for those who prefer their own blog readers.

Direct Email Elizabeth
It’s funny, but email almost seems “old-fashioned” now with all of the flashy social media networks out there. Call me old-fashioned, but I still love to see new messages come into my email box. I remember You’ve Got Mail! Feel free to send me a message. I personally respond to all inquiries.

Comments. The comments feature on Beauty Observed can be found at the bottom of each _individual_ post. If a post is relatively new, and featured on the home page, you may need to click the “Leave a Comment” link near the bottom so as to be redirected to the post as an individual page. Then, you can scroll to the bottom and enter your comment in the comments box.

I look forward to connecting with you,

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