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Inspired by Art

MontageInspired by our recent trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art, Ed gave some of my photos an artistic, stylized effect.

zig zag Chinatown arch


My top five favorite places in the whole wide world are:

  1. My home
  2. Church
  3. The Library (or bookstore) I know, that should really count as two.
  4. The Cleveland Museum of Art (who doesn’t seem to have an instagram account like the Metropolitan Museum of Art does.  <insert sad face here.>
  5. My garden

posterized buildings

We never went to the museum when I was growing up.  I think my real introduction to art was through public school art class.  I loved art class!  Also, I would get stacks and stacks of art books from the library.  (How fun?  Getting books about art from one of my favorite places.)

black and white rabbit sketch

Without a doubt, I’ve learned more about art from books and videos by Sister Wendy Beckett than any other source.  Several years ago, my family watched every one of her BBC videos that we could get from the library.  Fortunately, all these years later, they are still in publication. I have the DVDs on reserve and I’m looking forward to watching them again with N and J.  Some of her videos and TV interviews are available on YouTube.

Ginko Leaves

We asked Amy what she wanted to do while she was home for the summer.  Without hesitation she told us she wanted to go to the Cleveland Museum of Art, so we took a little family trip to Cleveland last weekend.  I didn’t take my camera because I wanted to be in the moment and enjoy the art and my family’s enjoyment of the museum.  We had such a lovely day, capped off with a nice dinner out!

Water collected in the crown of the Frog Prince

I highly recommend finding an art museum and visiting with your family!  Don’t worry about the ages of your children – the first time N visited the museum, he was still in his stroller.  It’s never too early to teach your children about respecting and enjoying art. Currently, my family consists of our 23 year old daughter,  our 14 year old daughter, and our 13 year old son.  Each of us found at least one thing that we could feast on with our eyes and tuck away in our hearts to be remembered on another day.

Black and white with colorized rose hip



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Am I Enough?

Red seedless watermelon  Am I enough?

I’ve been thinking a lot about something lately.  Maybe this only applies to me, but I thought I’d share it anyway. I struggle with being enough.

speckled egg in a nest Am I enough?

I was in the shower the other morning and I was thinking about all of the things I haven’t been doing well.  How I just wasn’t enough.

red bee balm  Am I enough?

And you know what I realized?  I’m not enough.

Am I enough?  purple and yellow viola

But I do know the one who is Enough.  He is enough for my marriage.  He is enough for my husband.  He is enough for my children.  He is enough.

And that means I don’t have to be enough.  I can just rest in Him.

Phil. 4:19 And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Have a beautiful day!


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