Beauty Observed in Daily Devotions


I can’t get enough of this fern!

I’ve mentioned before that it usually sits on my front porch during the summer.  I bring the fern in mid-October when it gets too cold for it to be outside.  It’s never done so well in the house as it has this year. Every morning, I sit in my chair in the corner of my living room and look at this fern with the sun shining on it.  Even if it’s cloudy, which is often the case in northeast Ohio, the light will shine through the fronds that are hanging down around the bottom.


I think I can draw some correlations between this fern and myself this winter.  While it has been a very hard season for our family, I can see that there are parts of me that are growing and thriving. The fern is healthy because I have watered it and made sure it has gotten enough of the right kind of light.  While I am sitting, drinking in this fern and the light, I open my Bible and let the Living Water flow into my heart.  I let His light shine into my life.

So, light and water.  Everything you need for growth!

How much Light and Water are you letting into your life everyday?  I guarantee, it’s worth it!  Even a few verses will be a balm to your soul.

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