Beauty Observed in Primrose


I was again “victim” to the grocery store potted plants.  They put them right inside the door and they are the first thing I see.   I am drawn straight towards them.  Cyclamen, primrose, forced bulbs.  They seem to find their way right into my cart.  I don’t know how that happens.

This has been a particularly long, cold winter.  Of course, if I think back, I find myself saying that every year.  There are scientific facts to back it up this year though.  I am so glad that it is the first week of March.  Even though we are shoveling out from another snow storm, I can claim that Spring is right around the corner.  Glorious, beautiful Spring.  And I think that is why those potted plants jump into my cart in the grocery store.  To remind me that Spring will be here soon!

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