2 Things I Am Glad I Taught My Children

2 Things I Am Glad I Taught My Children
I have been a mother for over 23 years.  My oldest daughter is a high school English teacher living outside of Washington D.C.  I also have two thirteen-year-olds still at home.  When you’ve crossed the finish line of day-to-day parenting and you still have a few children left at home, you tend to look back over your past days and evaluate what you did well and what you need to change.  Read more…

I’m very excited to be guest posting today!
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3 thoughts on “2 Things I Am Glad I Taught My Children

  1. Julie V.

    Thanks for the post. I have found that kids are almost never too young to be read to. Some Moms wouldn’t think to read to their 2 month old, but even then babies think a mom holding a book and pointing at pictures for them is a fun activity.

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