What I Learned in April

What I Learned in April from Beauty Observed

Since my goals for March featured photos of my winter viburnum buds,  I thought it would be fun to show you what the viburnum is doing at the end of April.  It is showing so much growth.  I’m feeling very read-symbolism-into-everything right now.  So, I will say that I felt very dry and closed-up in March and I am starting to feel like I’m right around the corner from some spiritual growth and blossoming.  How’s that for positive and optimistic?  So here are some things that I learned in April.

1 Viburnum buds in spring from Beauty Observed

1) I need a detailed schedule and filled-out planner pages.  We are a pretty laid back family with a few artsy personalities among us.   As much as I’d like to fly by the seat of my pants, I find I accomplish so much more when I have a plan for my day.  I also like to be able to cross things off my list.  Pretty pens help!

2) Because I put it in my schedule (see #1 above) my house is a lot bit more organized as we go into May than it was when we headed into March and April.

3) I’m still learning my way around Instagram.  It’s a really fun community.

4) I spent a bit more time reading my Bible this last month.  Hmmmm.  More time in the Word.  Feeling like there’s some spiritual growth.  How “coincidental?”

5) And lastly, when I schedule reading time into my planner, I read more.

2 Viburnum buds in spring from Beauty Observed

My goals for May:

  1. Put more things in my planner.
  2. Overhaul my planner with my own planner dividers and pages.
  3. Clean out the garage.
  4. Clean out the basement.
  5. GARDEN!!!

3 Viburnum buds in spring from Beauty Observed

What about you?  What did you learn in April?  Any goals for May?


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8 thoughts on “What I Learned in April

  1. Dawn @ Reveal Natural Health

    I love that you can actually see the detailed fuzziness of the leaves that encase the buds in your first two pictures.

    I definitely find that I also do better when I have things scheduled. I use the calendar on my phone to plug in 2 to 3 tasks that I need to get done that day.

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      Isn’t the fuzziness neat?! I really enjoyed watching the buds as they changed. And they still aren’t blooming!!

      I’m glad the phone calendar work for you!

  2. Debby

    Hi Elizabeth, This is my first link-up with the What We Learned and I’m learning there are some lovely blogs and bloggers out ‘there’. First, yes, pretty pens DO make a difference 😉 I share your love of beauty and trying to capture it through my camera lens but I fail miserably at the gardening. So I will enjoy yours as your photo’s show your talent. Lovely!

  3. Beth (@SimplyBeth3)

    I could probably really use a planner. I’m horrible with sticking to them though. I need to schedule time to plan. hehe Maybe if I had those pretty pens!! I’ve missed you this past week. It’s been a little crazy but always love coming to visit you. I just LOVE your photos. {Hugs} to you, friend.

  4. Sharita

    I love my Google Calendar– I can color code stuff and move it around so easily 🙂 However, I LOVE pretty pens, especially inky ones for my general to do list, journaling etc.

    April was an educational month for me– learning about putting more margin in my life, letting God’s grace fill the gaps, you name it.

    Goals for May? Get 110% ready for the big conference I am presenting at in June, finish out my half-marathon training plan and who knows what else God has planned. Thanks for linking up over at #EverydayJesus 🙂


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