My March Goals and Winter Viburnum Buds

My March Goals and Viburnum Buds in winter

Buds on a branch offer so much hope of what is to come.  These photos are of viburnum buds from the bush at the end of my porch. Come spring, I will be able to sit on my porch swing and breath in their heady fragrance.  While I dream of the beauty of spring and enjoy the beauty that is still winter, I have set a few goals for the month of March.

1.) I hope to learn Instagram.  I will be getting a button for my sidebar, but until then, you can click here to follow me.

My March Goals and Viburnum Buds in winter

2.) I don’t belong to a church that practices Lent, but I have always found it intriguing. I hope to use this season leading up to Easter as a time to really refocus and to draw closer to the Lord.  Psalm 126:3 The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.

My March Goals and Viburnum Buds in winter

3.)  Do you read Money Saving Mom?  She’s having a 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Challenge.  I’ve downloaded the free e-book and I will be following along.  Is it a bad sign that I’m already a couple of days behind?  lol  Just keeping it real.

My March Goals and Viburnum Buds in winter

4.)  January was a time to recoup from the holidays.  I coasted through February.  In March, I hope to refocus on eating healthy foods and getting some exercise.  Who’s with me?

My March Goals and Viburnum Buds in winter

5.)  There are stacks of books on just about every table in my home.  It’s so easy to spend more time on the internet than I need to.  These lovely, lovely books call to me.  This month, I hope to make it a priority to spend more time reading.

The Lod has done great things for us and we are filled with joy.  Psalm 126:3 Viburnum

Viburnum bloom from my yard, 2011

So, there are my very lofty March goals.  What about you?  Do you have any March goals?  Do you practice Lent?  Care to tell me what books you’re reading in March?

Please leave a comment.

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16 thoughts on “My March Goals and Winter Viburnum Buds

  1. Barbie

    Stunning photography. I’ve followed you on Instagram. I don’t take many photos there myself, but I want to. I should definately check out the Money Saving Mom’s challenge. My house looks like a war zone. Have a blessed tomorrow!

    1. BeautyObserved Post author


      Thank you for following me on Instagram.

      I hope you find Money Saving Mom’s challenge helpful. I’m two days in and doing okay. I like how she has it set up and it seems to work with my brain. lol. I found the free e-book very helpful! I really enjoy her blog.

      I pray you are having a good day! <3

  2. Deb La Valla

    I love your March goals and share a few of them. This year I am making monthly goals too. I am still finishing up some from February. Hey, it was a short month! I learned 2 chords on the ukulele but I’m still working on my strumming. I have a couple Feb. books to finish so I can move on to March’s list. We had a couple of unexpected deaths in Feb. that took some time. I make my goals realizing mine are in pencil and God can erase and rewrite them any time. This month I want to complete the Feb. stuff, and devote extra time to preparing for National Day of Prayer activities, which we host here. I will be making some art this month for sure. There is a little bit of travel coming and a few movies coming out that I want to see and support. Already saw “Son of God” and awaiting “God’s Not Dead” and “Noah.” This is Ash Wednesday and I will be following along with the goal you have shared for this Lent season. Love your blog! Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. BeautyObserved Post author


      Okay, if I’ve never said it, I’m saying it now…you are sooo neat! Ukulele sounds fun! I can’t wait to see your new art! Yes, God can erase and rewrite whatever He wants of my plans, too. Getting ready for NDofP is a great idea.

      Thank you for the nice words about the blog. Hope to see you soon! <3

  3. Mary Nicholson

    Loved this, and I’m with you on goals 3-5. I’m about 4 days behind on #3, but your thoughts have inspired me. One of my often prayed requests of the Lord is that He would grant me divine order in my life. With freshly painted walls and new carpeting, there’s a sense of success, as it makes me want to get the hidden things , like closets, better organized!

    1. BeautyObserved Post author

      Oh, I know how painting, etc. can throw everything out of order! I know that the Lord will grant your request for divine order. I think that’s what I need to start praying for! Can’t wait to see everything when it is finished! <3

  4. Jill Foley

    I’ve never been in a faith community that has participated in or practiced Lent, but the past couple years I’ve been drawn to this time of sacrifice and intentional preparation. Each year I do things a little differently and each year I benefit from the experience.

    I woke up so excited this morning….so ready to empty myself and make room for God. I’m incorporating the ideas from the book and study 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker and am fasting in 7 different areas over the next 40 days. I think it will be good for my mind, body and soul!

    Organizing (decluttering) my home is kind of a hobby of mine so I’m always working on it. I’ll have to check out her book because there is always room for improvement.

    Gorgeous photos! Can’t wait to see you more on instagram.

    1. BeautyObserved Post author

      Jill, I’ve heard of the book 7 but have not read it yet. Is the study different from the book or included in it? I like the idea of fasting in seven different areas.

      Thank you kind words and help on Instagram. I will figure this out! lol

    1. BeautyObserved Post author

      Thank you for your kind words.

      What a great verse to have on your wedding program! Very appropriate.

      Thank you for stopping by and I will be visiting your blog soon!


  5. Marie

    I like this idea of monthly goals. It’s manageable…
    #4 is definitely something I want to focus on. We have an trip to England comng up this Fall and I really want to look and feel better before it happens. Looking at it a month at a time may be just what I need to do!
    My daughters both do Instagram…I love looking at their photos. I hope you have success with it. You have such a good eye with your photography…your photos will be awesome!

  6. Beth

    Your images are always breathtaking. I will hop on over to Instagram and follow you. 🙂 This will be my first year participating in Lent primarily because I’ve only been a Christian for 3 years. So my March goal is really to be even more intentional about the time I spend with Him. Thanks for sharing with us and thanks for sharing with TWW.

  7. Sharita

    Hmmm, lets see. Next Saturday I am running my first ever 10K race… Been training for 10 weeks so super pumped. Also I am excited for my friend Laurie’s book to come out this month, “Why Your Weirdness is wonderful.” I have my pre-ordered copy on the table and can’t wait to dig in 🙂

    Thanks for this great inspiration, Elizabeth. And thanks for linking up with #EverydayJesus. Blessings!

    1. BeautyObserved Post author

      A 10K race?!! Wow! That’s fantastic!

      I enjoyed reading about Laurie’s book. It’ on my wish list. 🙂

      Thanks for hosting #EverydayJesus I’ll be back!

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