What I Learned in February

What I Learned In February Beauty Observed Guitar

Macro shot of #Martinguitar strings D-16

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1. Every so often, things you think are gone forever are really just misplaced.  My husband had recorded some beautiful hymns with his acoustic guitar.  Several years ago, our computer crashed and the music was gone.  Just last week, he found copies of the songs that he had placed on his work server!  I am so grateful!  You can hear some of the songs here.

Macro shot of a #GE dryer knob

2. Sometimes you fix a thing – other times you just have to get a new one.  We replaced our 23 year old Craigslist dryer this month. We just couldn’t keep it running anymore! Because the new machine dries so efficiently, I fully expect to see a reduction in my utility bill.  Additionally, my waiting time for the clothes to dry has decreased.

Cardinal feather "painted"

3. Etsy stores are fun!  My husband was gracious enough to set up an Etsy store for some of my photos.  We will be adding note cards and other things  to it as time goes on. The photo above is a variation of an original I took. Ed applied a watercolor effect to it in a photo editing program. We thought it looked pretty neat! It’s available as an 8×10 print – but we can also do other sizes if you’d like.

flour sack kitchen towels

4.Amazon carries flour sacks towels.  My mind was wandering the other day and I started thinking about drying dishes at my grandma’s house.  She used white flour sacks and I remember thinking that they were the neatest things ever.  I looked them up on Amazon and sure enough, you could still buy this type of kitchen towel.  I can’t wait to wash these and start using them. (affiliate link)

5. Apparently, I have a life verse.  I guess it should have occurred to me earlier, but it wasn’t until I was being interviewed by my husband, Ed, on the video for our website that I fully realized it.  Philippians 4:8 is the verse that I try to model my life after.  You can read the transcript of the video here.

What about you?  Do you have a life verse?  And let me know what you learned in February!

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13 thoughts on “What I Learned in February

  1. Jedidja

    Enjoyed reading your blog. I’m looking in your Etsy shop, which I think is a great challenge! I hope you can sell something, that’s usually a good stimulant to move forward with a shop. Your video, I’ll listen when I have my leave a comment. This month was a bit hard for me. I learned that I need to take more rest. I must went more often to my bedroom or to the attic. To be alone with God. I learned that my husband loves me, even if I’m a little depressed. Thursday we were married for 23 years. I thank God for this wonderful blessing. February was a special month. Warm greetings from Holland and keep blogging. Your words go around the world and who knows who read your lovely blog … the world of our God is so much bigger than your continent <3 ( On Facebook I react as: Aritha)

    1. BeautyObserved Post author


      Your kind words are such a blessing to me! Thank you.

      I am sorry that you have been a little depressed. How wonderful that you have been married 23 years! Congratulations!

      Thank you for the reminder that God’s world is so big and that our words go out and minister to others. <3

  2. Ashlee

    I think if I had a life verse it would be 2 Corinthians 12:9. I love how it shows us that God’s grace is sufficient for us no matter our weaknesses.

  3. Roxy

    Hello, It is good to ponder what has come and gone; to see what we have learned and to reflect! This last month, I was a able to train a few sweet ladies how to make jelly. I am learning to not blog or be on the computer when I have a chance to spend alive time with a loved one. Spending more time in the Word. Growing in his grace and trusting Him in all things, is always an adventure! Blessings, Roxy

    1. BeautyObserved Post author


      Those are beautiful things to learn and remember! Looking into the eyes of the people in our lives will always be more important than the virtual realm.

      What type of jelly did you make?

      Thank you for visiting,

  4. Marisela

    I love how involved your husband is with your blog and photography! That is so sweet. I’m curious what his dreams are for YOUR blog 🙂 . . . . I always enjoy your pictures as well!

    1. BeautyObserved Post author

      Dear Marisela,

      Eddie, the husband, here. 🙂 I saw your comment just now, so I thought I would respond personally. I absolutely love working with Elizabeth on Beauty Observed. We have had fun (and maybe one or two fights) working on it. I believe that working side-by-side on a big project like this has strengthened our marriage. Elizabeth’s vision for the site is really just an extension of the way she lives her life. She really does have an eye for beauty and heart to share. People have commented to me before that I seem to love my wife and I always tell them the same thing, “She makes it easy.”

      I am glad that you enjoy the blog!

  5. lisa

    I enjoyed reading your post today. As one who has lost valuable files in the past, I’m happy to hear you were able to find back ups of the music! As for my life passage, it would have to be:
    We plan
    God laughs
    We adjust.

    It’s hard to accept that our plans may not be His plans, isn’t it?! 🙂 Blessings to you today.

  6. Carol

    It sounds like your husband is pretty handy, like mine. Our appliances last really long because he can keep them going.
    Philippians is such an encouraging book. I have been studying Ezekiel, learning more about the love and sovereignty of God–so encouraging for the times we live in.
    I’m visiting from Thought Provoking Wednesday.

    1. BeautyObserved Post author

      Thank you! I can’t wait to see your Etsy store! So glad that we’ve found each other, also, and looking forward to all of the great photography in our future!

      God is good!


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