Beauty From the Grocery Store

Macro close-up of pale pink cyclamen.  See more at on any of the photos to see them at full size.

Red and pink cyclamen.  See more at Beauty Observed.

Red and pink cylamen.  See more at Beauty Observed.

Heart shaped cyclamen leaf.  See more photos at Beauty Observed

Flame red cyclamen. Macro photo with stamen.

Flame red cyclamen.

Flame red cyclamen.

Flame red cyclamen. Close-up stamen.

Aren’t these flowers some of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen?  God is such a master of color and design!  I walked into the grocery store last week and was greeted by a three-tiered stand just loaded down with pink, red, and pale pink cyclamen.  I couldn’t resist and purchased two.  I’m kind of wishing now that I had brought home the darker pink one as well.

Who’s up for a cyclamen haiku?

grocery store beauty
cyclamen come home with me
red and pink are mine

These cyclamen were exactly what my eyes and heart needed.  They are just in time for Valentine’s day with their pretty colors and heart shaped leaves!  I did read that the symbolic meaning of cyclamen is resignation and departure.  Not very romantic.  Still perfect for this time of year though.  I’m “resigned” to the fact that winter will soon be “departing.” It’s yet another sign that spring is coming!!

Psalm 42:11 Why are thou castdown, O my soul? Cyclamen Leaves Beauty Observed

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4 thoughts on “Beauty From the Grocery Store

  1. Jessica @ The 104 Homestead

    Those are beautiful photographs. I am not allowed to own cyclamens anymore. I have a knack for killing them off at a startling rate. It’s the only houseplant I can’t manage to keep alive. A pity since they are so pretty.

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    1. BeautyObserved Post author

      Hello, Jessica!
      I’m not really great at house plants, but I can usually keep them alive for a few months which makes them really cost effective, right? lol

      Thank you for stopping by. I don’t know if you saw, but I also host a link-up party on Fridays. Please come back and post 🙂


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