A Very Special Ornament

A great gift for your adopted child from another adoptive mom at www.BeautyObserved.com #adoption #attachment

When I was a little girl, I watched a movie called The Family Nobody Wanted and I knew I wanted to adopt.  God made a way for that to happen many years later. Our daughter was five years old when my husband and I adopted her in 2005.

I find that much of adoption parenting can be trying to find solutions for problems that you never thought would arise.  Tears can be triggered in both mother and child by simple things like stripping the bed and washing the sheets.  Holidays can present all sorts of issues.

Every year my Mom buys a Christmas ornament for each of her grandchildren. Her desire is that each will have a set of ornaments to decorate their trees with when they establish their own homes.  She begins their collections with a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament.

Christmas decorating is a fun time in our house.  We like to “ohhh” and “ahhh” over each ornament and retell its story.  But this can prove difficult when the older adopted child has no “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament like the other children in the family.  Sure, adoption ornaments are nice, but their aren’t quite the same, are they?

My solution to this was e-Bay.  I tracked down a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament from the year J was born.  She’s so happy when she places it on the tree every year and I’ve noticed that she usually picks a place that is front and center so that all can see!

Not all adoption issues are so easily fixed, but I am grateful to God that we could find a solution for this one.

If you have one, please leave a comment about your adoption solutions to the Holidays!

 A great gift for your adopted child from another adoptive mom at www.BeautyObserved.com #adoption #attachmentElizabeth Nicholson 12/17/2013

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5 thoughts on “A Very Special Ornament

  1. Mary Nicholson

    Beautiful solution! As I meditated on this story, I was reminded how we’re all adopted into the Father’s family when we ask Jesus into our hearts. THAT date or year should be a vivid memory in our hearts, because the sacrifice He paid to bring us into His family far exceeds any we could or would ever pay for a child. Thank You, Jesus, for loving us this much!

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  3. Jenn

    Oh wow I LOVE that idea! We didn’t get our girl until she was 8 so we missed a lot of years. Maybe I can do this for next year. Putting this on Pinterest!


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