Depression Glass Sugar Bowl

Depression glass sugar bowl on my windowsill

The Lord has been good to us,
Let us remember His blessings.
He has done great things for us,
His gifts pursue and overtake our lives.

Flame Bush

Flame bush with berries

The Lord causes His sun to shine on all,
There is no heart He cannot bless.
In Christ, our sins are gone,
He offers all his forgiveness.

Decaying Hosta

Decaying hosta

Even in sorrows, the Lord is near,
Let us feast on the bounty of His love.
Darkness is not dark to Him,
But shines like the midday sun.

Dead Bee Balm

Dead bee balm in my garden

Jesus, we give thanks to you,
Our hearts are filled with praise!
Teach us to remember
To thank you every day!

Give Thanks to the Lord

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